Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Old Wooden Bridge

The sun in the garden at last; what a pretty sight! After having made a tour in the flooded part of the town yesterday afternoon I appreciate the sunny view even more. The water withdraw and left everything covered with mud and debris. The firemen were still cleaning the roads and yards. 

This is what a potato field in one of the gardens looks like after the flood. Just cannot imagine having it all under water. In eastern regions of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia the flood is tremendous. Some houses are completely under water. 
Where I live it is not so bad, the water wave just passed through. People have lots of damage in houses and gardens. I regret the most the old wooden bridge in the vineyards. I think the damage is beyond the repair and the new one needs to bi built up. These pictures are taken on Sunday morning, now is the water level far more lower.

I only hope it would be made of wood again because nothing modern fits in the landscape.

People all over Croatia have been collecting help for flooded regions. The international community is also sending help. We have barely recovered from the war destruction and now this. Can you imagine your home looking like this? I really don't know how would I react to loose everything once again. This is the air view of flooded area in east Croatia.

People have been evacuated and rescued as well as animals, pets and cattle. Sorry to bother you with this. At the moment I cannot think of roses and lilies... I am going to call Red Cross again and donate some money by phone. That is at least what I can do.


  1. I'm glad you have avoided the devastation and hope they manage to replicate your wooden bridge.

  2. This time last year we witnessed at first hand the flooding on the Danube, so I understand what you have all been suffering. I hope this does not become an annual event.

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