Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Storks

Some days ago I have noticed a stork standing on the chimney of a war-ruined house in the very centre of my small town. As I almost always have my camera with me, I took the photo of it. Today, I took some more and realised there is a pair of storks trying to build the nest!
.Storks are not unusual in Croatia. We even have a 'stork-village' Čigoć in a protected wetland called  Lonjsko polje. They have about 500 pairs of storks! 
Those two seem to have intention to build the nest on this very place. This house still awaits renovation because it is protected as cultural heritage and needs to be rebuilt exactly the same way as it was before. Lots of money is needed and our local government doesn't have it.

Anyway, the storks don't mind it. They find this chimney perfect to build the nest on it. I noticed they brought some branches too but I am not quite sure if this is a good idea. But, who asks me?


  1. We have watched storks in Alsace where they build nesting platforms especially for them. They are very noisy clacking their beaks if other storks come too close to their nest.

    1. Yes, the same is here. They love to make nests on roofs, chimneys and poles where people us to make platforms to make their nests more stable.

  2. It is supposed to be lucky is storks nest on your chimney, but I'm not sure I agree! I imagine they are not only noisy, but also dirty.

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