Thursday, 19 June 2014

Containers and Installations

A mix of seasonal flowers is planted into a clay cone held by iron tripod. Looks so vintage!

This one is from the last year.

I have rescued this old garden chair during the garbage collection. We are supposed to pile up such things that don't go into the trash bins in the front of the house on the day announced by waste disposal service. People sometimes throw away the things in a pretty good conditions for all possible reasons. This chair, of course, cannot be used for the purpose but certainly serves good as the planter holder. You know, one (wo)man trash is another (wo)man treasure...
I planted the flowers into an old enamel wash bowl, added some twigs and - voila!

The broken clay pot may be reused unless it did not brake into too many small pieces. I have planted mini succulent garden in this one.

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