Sunday, 1 June 2014

Deutzia crenata 'Plena'

My Deutzia is now in full bloom giving some light to the shady part of the garden. The double white flowers hangi in corymbs along the arching stems. The shrub has reached 3 m in hight and I think I am going to prune it this year to keep it within range.

Actually, it should be pruned every year right after flowering as it flowers on the previous year wood. It means this year growth will flower the next year. Somehow, I missed pruning it last year. 

I need to cut off all flowering stem when the flowers fade away. Neglected shrubs with heavy crowns may be cut almost to the ground to encourage new basal growth. This position in my garden suits it well as it grows in a partial shade. It also prefers moist but well drained soil.

The flowers are mostly white but I have another Deutzia with shades of pink on the back sides of the petals. The fact that it belongs to the family Hydrangeaceae is very interesting. Not much alike hydrangeas we know, don't you think so?

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  1. Certainly not like the Hydrangeas I know - more like Philadelphus.


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