Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mr. Frog

I had been looking for the garden hose holder for a quite some time. Previously, I bought one made of green plastic, but it looked out of place and out of my garden style. 
Finally, I have found exactly the one I want. This one is made of wrought iron and has a cute ornament such as Mr. Frog here! I bought it in a new home and garden on-line shop called 'Vivre' that is recently opened in Croatia.
The price was a real bargain, 75 Croatian kunas (approximately 13 USD or 8 GBP). The shop functiones on the principle of short lasting offers. The prices are reasonable but the offers last only for a few days and one has to check what's new almost every day. So I caught my Mr. Frog and some other things for my garden.
If you are interested in it, you can follow this link: 

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  1. It's very nice, I'd buy something like this too :)


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