Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Blackbirds

The Blackbirds are quite common in my garden. They nest in Dogwood bushes, Honeysuckle and Ivy that overgrows the garden fence. I mange to take a photo of the Blackbird female sitting in the nest in the Dogwood bush; only beak and tail can be seen. 
They feel my garden like home and are not afraid at all. They use to follow me while I mow the lawn or just love to watch me working in the garden. Mowing the lawn makes the ground vibrate and the the worms go out to the surface. One or two Blackbirds are always behind me collecting the worms.

In the evening, they visit the birdbath and take a bath. Usually they splash all water out and let me know that the bowl is empty. Clever creatures. I have already learnt their language and know what different sounds mean. They sing differently when content or searching the female and they have a special alert sound when they see, for example, the cat walking in the garden.
The garden is full of other birds as well. I noted three kinds of tits, sparrow, robin, woodpecker, jay, and thrush as a common visitors, but other birds come too. Crows love to snitch the walnuts, turtle-doves and pigeons make nests under the roof of my house. Lately, I noticed a male pheasant standing on the fence in the morning or proudly walking in the vegetable garden. I've been trying to take a photo of him for days. As soon as I approach too close to him,  he flies away.


  1. I have a Love - Hate relationship with Blackbirds. I like it when they sing happily, but their "I have seen a cat" noise is very annoying. Also, I get angry when they scratch in the compost for bugs, and dig up my little seedlings.

    1. Then, you have very naughty Blackbirds, Mark. My never dig up the seedlings up but they scratch in the compost. I don't mind them, though.

  2. It's great that you prepared a bath for them :)


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