Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hemerocallis Again

The Hemerocallises are at their peak at the moment. This year is particularly good for vegetation because of the weather - the rain and sun exchanging in regular intervals made it rather luxuriant. 

As you know, the individual flowers last only for a day, but they have still many flowers to open and I expect them to flower for at least one more week.

These two are planted in 2012. Last year they had only one flower. Some cultivars take years to grow into a big clump and flower abundantly. The one on the photo above is called 'Amadeus'.   

This is the beautiful 'Avant Garde'. 


  1. I love them! At the beginning I didn't even pay attention to them. I was thinking "oh.. another lilies.." - but suddenly, last year I took a closer look at these typical orange day lilies and thought "omg! they're beautiful!". As a result, in autumn I bought 3 more varieties, but unfortunately, they will flower next year :(

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful day lilies :)

  2. The purple variety is very striking,


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