Monday, 9 June 2014

Veg Garden Update

Peas are doing well. I need to wait just a little bit to harvest them. 

The lettuce mix; T&M seeds.

climbing beans

purple kohlrabi

The temperatures are high and the heath annoying. I need to water the garden in the evening. Considering the weather extremes (the flood and now the dry spell), my vegetables looks pretty good. 
I done weeding the ornamental garden. Now I have to tidy up the vegetable garden as well. The soil is too dry to work on it. There is not so much weed anyway because I covered all the beds with hay and straw.


  1. Veg-gardening depends so much on good use of water - and the weather dictates much of that! Like you I have been out in the garden watering today. We have "high" temperatures at present - about 25C.

  2. Looking good! There's nothing better than fresh peas :)


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