Thursday, 19 June 2014

Vegetable Garden Update

I harvested the peas. I was surprised by the amount of peas I got from 1.2 m square patch - 3.5 kg! It is very healthy too, no worms or any diseases at all. I have made some for lunch today and put the rest of it in a deep freezer.

 I got only four seedling of fennel; never thought it is so tricky to grow. It was very slow to germinate. I red that the viability of seed drops as it grows older so, it is best to sow fresh seed. Maybe in my climate it is the best to sow it directly on site. Anyway, I am looking forward to these four.

The French beans germinated poorly in the beginning. Now it looks quite good, though, it should be a little bigger than that. The cold spell in May stopped the growth of many plants in the garden.

Baby kohlrabi

Swiss Chard and Mangold look healthy

as well as kale 

and broccoli.






  1. Those are the sort of pictures I most enjoy looking at! I hope you have more success with Celeriac than I had. I never managed to get one bigger than a tennis-ball, despite very careful nurturing. I am surprised to see you growing Mangolds. Here in the UK they are considered only fit for animal feed! Of course this may just be a prejudice. I have never tried them. What are they like?

  2. We've given up on celery and celeriac after countless failed attempts to grow both Those peas look so tempting - no flowers on ours yet!

  3. Wow! That looks like a lot of peas for a pretty small space. I agree that the fennel is pretty hard to grow. I do hope they’ll grow as healthy as your peas. Anyway, your plants are all looking well. It really shows that the owner takes care of her garden very well. All the best! :D
    Erika Stokes @ Grindes Garden Center


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