Tuesday, 8 July 2014


My Aronia bush is still in the pot where I planted it last year. I still haven't found a place for it in the garden. Sounds ridiculous because my garden is pretty spacious. But, the garden is already planted according to some plan of mine and wherever I put it it looks out of place.
This year, every branch carries a bunch of berries. Last year it was only one bunch of flowers and I haven't try any of the berries because the birds ate them all!
I am thinking about putting some net over the bush to prevent birds stealing the berries from me. They have just started changing the colour.


  1. The birds seem ti home in on any tasty berries don't they - we need a net over our entire plot!

  2. Hi Vesna! Nice blog you have. I hope you find a place for your Aronia.
    Thank you for correcting my post. I have changed it:)
    Best regards Maria


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