Friday, 25 July 2014


I have planted some of the Kale seedling into the flower beds. It is, or, better be said was 'cavolo nero', the black Tuscany kale. It is really attractive plant with dark green foliage. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that all of them have been eaten by these tiny bugs on the photo.

I have no idea what it is. Looks like a stinkbug to me. Google research hit only one result. The photo matches my bug, but the author himself does not know its name. Anyone?


  1. It looks like a brassica shield bug. The problem with shield bugs is that the colouring changes depending how old they are so they can be tricky to identify but the fact that it is on your kale is a good indicator.

  2. You caught them red handed. Sneaky ones!

  3. I agree with Sue - definitely a Shield Bug of some sort. I hope your Cavolo Nero recovers.

  4. What a shame your Kale has been eaten. I had to give up growing kale/cabbages etc. as they just never survived bug attacks. I hope you have more luck if you grow it again.

  5. Yes it is a kind of a shield bug that stinks too, but I would like to know it's name. They have eaten only the kale I planted in flower border but not in the vegetable garden.

    1. I think it;s actually called a Brassica Shield Bug Vesna


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