Saturday, 12 July 2014

In the Vegetable Garden


This weather, with plenty of rain and moderate temperatures, is surely very good for plant growth. It is also favourable for development of fungal diseases but, so far, only tomatoes suffer the one. To be honest I don't miss hot summer at all. Anything above 30°C is a nightmare to me.

The runner bean 'Fire-storm' is really very healthy and has attractive red flowers. Normally, I should harvest the first pods by now. But, the weather in spring was rainy and cold and it took them long to germinate.

I almost couldn't believe the colour of this kohlrabi. It is ready for harvesting. I used to buy seedlings on the market but this year I wanted to grow them from the seeds. They look better then the one I bought as young plants.

Kales have new neighbours - self sown tomatoes. They witness how mild winters became. Everywhere, where the tomatoes were left on the ground, I had plenty of seedlings. 

Courgette, ready for harvesting as well. I am going to cook courgette stew for lunch today, with cream and dill.

Tomatillo first husks hiding the fruit. Funny, I was checking them out for fruits every day wondering if there is going to be some. And now, the green lanterns are on every plant. It was raining non-stop for a couple of days and I did not go out to see what's new in the garden.
I was afraid that I haven't enough tomatillo plants to cross-pollinate themselves. 


  1. The kohlrabi really is an odd vegetable! almost spooky - like some alien from a sci-fi movie.

    1. It tastes very good. I tried it yesterday.

  2. Does the kohl rabi keep its colour after cooking?

    1. I peel it off so I have no idea. It is white inside as any other kohlrabi.


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