Thursday, 10 July 2014

Garden Update

The summer goes on. Maybe it isn't the typical summer as the weather concerns but, to me, it is just about of right temperature and moisture. I don't stand the heat at all and it suits me when the temperatures don't exceed 30°C. And, plenty of rain certainly saves the money because I don't have to water the garden using the tap water. The most of the plants do very well in such weather conditions. On the other hand, the roses don't stand rainy weather very well. Most buds die and rot before they have a chance to open. The lack of sun and too much rain takes its toll. Anyway, it is the second wave of flowering and there are still beautiful flowers to enjoy.

'Red Eden Rose'

The Morning glory twines around the rustic fence I made in spring. It is in the garden shed area, as I call it, which I plan to re-plant in autumn. I will transfer all of the herbs there I have a 'proper' herb garden. The site is ideal with lots of afternoon sun. One almost dead sage I planted there in spring doubled in it's size!

The cone flower will continue to flower in August for at least two more weeks. I did not cut flowers last year and they shed the seeds. I have plenty of seedling which are ready to transplant elsewhere in the garden. This new white one is called 'White Swan' and I am looking forward to collect it's seeds.

Houttuynia cordata is an interesting plant with colourful leaves. It doesn't smell nicely but looks great as ground cover. Its Chinese name literally means 'fishy-smell plant'. To me, it doesn't smell like fish. The smell is rather unique and I cannot really describe it.

I have the cultivar called 'Chameleon', which certainly lives up to its name. But, only the foliage in sunny positions develop the red colour while the leaves in shade remain green and yellow.


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