Monday, 21 July 2014

Gardening Is Hard Work

Working in the garden these days wasn't a very pleasant job. The air temperatures and the moisture levels were pretty high. And, I had rather hard work to do - clearing the jungle behind my plot. 
This is municipal ground, but nobody takes care of it as it is hidden away from the eyes of the responsible ones. I do take care about smaller part of it because I keep my compost boxes there but every now and then I loose the battle against the blackberries, nettles, various shrubs that stretch the branches towards my garden, trees that germinates from seeds and all kind of weeds that grow like crazy! The chainsaw and grass trimmer are needed to finish the task, which I don't have.
So, I am stuck with my scythe, secateurs and a good will to do the job.

At the moment, the rose 'Eden' carries lots of beautiful flowers that are just about to open completely. I am afraid they won't have the chance to because the pretty heavy rainfall is announced for the next few days and they usually rot as buds.

The Day Lilies passed their peak and are slowly fading away. But, some other flowers catch the eyes - sunflowers, Veronicastrum, cone flowers and this yellow Heliopsis 'Asahi' on the photo above.

Coneflowers and Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

I love hydrangeas because they produce flowers for a long period of time. In rainy weather, the stems may not be able to carry the weight of the wet flowers and bend towards the ground. I saw some people stake them or shaking off the rain, but there is no need for that. In my experience, it is best to let them be. As they dry, they will slowly and naturally come back again. 

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