Friday, 8 August 2014


The month of August is mostly considered as enter to off season, but it doesn't have to be so. There are many plants that flower in August and September. For instance, I expect my cone flowers, rudbeckias and Helianthus to continue flowering for another ten days. Regular dead-heading will surely help it. The Japanese Anemones just started to open the buds, and there are so many of them. They will certainly flower throughout the whole month. Asters didn't even formed the buds yet so I expect to have them in late August and September. Many roses, after being pruned, flower for the second time as well. The 'Don Juan' rose has developed an interesting sport - it bears pink flowers instead of red! I think I will try to root some cuttings of this unusual kind.

As you can see, the slug control is out of control. Today is the first sunny day after a week of rain. The slug pellets were useless too. The only thing I could do is to go around and cut them in half with a knife.  But these sneaky bastards (pardon my language, but I am really angry) come out at night and do the damage on soft foliage, mostly of Hosta plantaginea. Luckily, they don't touch the other Hosta cultivars I got. The next week is supposed to be sunny so spreading the slug pellets makes sense. maybe I put some bear traps too.

August is time to divide perennials that finished the period of flowering. I had a big clump of Irises which needed some rejuvenation. I discarded all soft, old and diseased rhizomes and kept only the healthy and firm ones. The foliage needs a trim and they all go back into the ground, of course.
It should be done every few years to keep the plants vigorous. And, it is also a good opportunity to cultivate the soil where they are because it is not possible once the irises spread. The most important thing is to remove all the weeds. Once they start to grow between the iris rhizomes, they will be very hard to eradicate.

Another one late bloomer, Lilium lancifolium, Tiger Lily.


  1. Lovely bloom! I should get one for next season :)

  2. Our slugs like any type of hosta that they set their beady eyes on or sniff out. Whichever sense they use it is really efficient


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