Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last week was, again, rainy and pretty cold, at least in the morning. Yesterday was cloudy but dry and today, the sun finally showed up. My first gardening task for tomorrow would be mowing the lawn. The grass is pretty high but it was too wet to walk around and cut the grass. 
Physostegia, the Obedient plant is now in full bloom. It is another late bloomer that attracts bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The leaves of Virginia creeper are still green. It will look beautiful when they turn red later in autumn. The ability to climb the walls come from these tentacle-like structure, the tendrils that hold to the wall very tightly. The tendrils also twine around the trellis and similar structures and so the plant grows up very high.

Picked up the last of the chillies. I put them all on a thread and hang at hand in my kitchen. I love hot dishes and use them very often in my cuisine. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Autumn Bloomers

Autumn bloomer: Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Pennisetum and Verbena bonariensis. The garden looks a bit untidy, I couldn't do much in rainy weather.

Hydrangea still looks good.

The white Anemome.

Nasturtium is still blooming tirelessly.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is one of the best high Sedum for the garden, but this happens when the clumps are too big and the weather is rainy. Usually, I divide it every other year because it spreads pretty fast. Smaller clumps don't bend like that. It is also possible to prevent it by thining the clump, that is removing some of the stems when they start to grow to make a room for the others.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

I have got only three of these garlic 'wreaths' but any garlic from one's own garden tastes better that the Chinese one from the supermarkets. It turns green when cooked!
The last two days were really awful as concerned the weather. My town measured 100 L of rain per square meter in just a few hours and the lower parts of the town were flooded again. A real river flowed down the streets.

The fire-brigade yard

In my garden, some parts of the lawn are still under water. The following days will be rainy again and I used this short no-rain period to collect walnuts and rake the leaves. This year there is considerably less walnuts than the last year but I will be enough for making the cakes and biscuits.
I keep thinking, one cannot beat the nature.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Old-fashioned Grapes

The 'jungle' behind my garden fence has surprised me once again. The branches of an ash tree were overgrown with grapevine and now they are bearing a lot of grapes! I have just harvested some of them. They went pretty high up into the tree crown and I won't be able to pick them all up!

I guess, it is an old cultivar called 'Isabella' which was very popular in private gardens because it is quite undemanding. It doesn't need any special care or pruning which I witness right now. This grape has a wonderful smell and is sweet to taste. The skin separates easily from the fruit and is rather thick. 
This grape produces rather poor vine and is known here as 'Director' meaning the vine easily takes control over the one who drinks it!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Autimn is Here

Never mind the official Autumn day, it is already here. Everything is telling that: foggy mornings, rainy days, declining vegetation, walnuts, hazelnuts, empty stork nests and final crops in my vegetable garden. The summer was extremely rainy and the crop wasn't much of anything. Apart from plenty of French and climbing beans, all other vegetables were not at their best this season.

The tomatoes were poor and attacked by fungi so I pull them up early and burned to prevent the spreading of  disease. The only variety of tomatoes that 'survived' this odd summer weather was cherry tomato. I did not plant it myself. The plants germinated from seeds of the tomatoes left on the beds last year. That is also telling me how mild the winter was.

Now I have to fight the slugs and I am off in the garden. They come out in the evening. Not so very hard to spot them - they are pretty big (the moist weather is ideal for them) and bright orange in colour. I think I killed a hundred of them yesterday!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Salsa Verde

Some days ago I harvested my first tomatillo. The papery husks split and the fruit skin which was exposed to sun turned dark violet. I supposed they were ripe and I picked up eight of them. I  roasted paprika in the oven for salad today so I roasted the tomatillos as well.

I chopped well one paprika, roasted tomatillos, one garlic clove and some celery leaves. Normally, I need cilantro, that is coriander, but I haven't got any. I added a pinch of salt and two spoons of lime juice. The slightly sour taste is very good, and I served as a side dish to roasted meat and potatoes.