Friday, 12 September 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

I have got only three of these garlic 'wreaths' but any garlic from one's own garden tastes better that the Chinese one from the supermarkets. It turns green when cooked!
The last two days were really awful as concerned the weather. My town measured 100 L of rain per square meter in just a few hours and the lower parts of the town were flooded again. A real river flowed down the streets.

The fire-brigade yard

In my garden, some parts of the lawn are still under water. The following days will be rainy again and I used this short no-rain period to collect walnuts and rake the leaves. This year there is considerably less walnuts than the last year but I will be enough for making the cakes and biscuits.
I keep thinking, one cannot beat the nature.


  1. The weather has been really unkind to you this year! I hardly dare admit that in our place it has been lovely and warm and sunny (+dry) for about a week now... :)

  2. That has been a lot of rain - I hope things improve

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