Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last week was, again, rainy and pretty cold, at least in the morning. Yesterday was cloudy but dry and today, the sun finally showed up. My first gardening task for tomorrow would be mowing the lawn. The grass is pretty high but it was too wet to walk around and cut the grass. 
Physostegia, the Obedient plant is now in full bloom. It is another late bloomer that attracts bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The leaves of Virginia creeper are still green. It will look beautiful when they turn red later in autumn. The ability to climb the walls come from these tentacle-like structure, the tendrils that hold to the wall very tightly. The tendrils also twine around the trellis and similar structures and so the plant grows up very high.

Picked up the last of the chillies. I put them all on a thread and hang at hand in my kitchen. I love hot dishes and use them very often in my cuisine. 


  1. Do the chillies turn dry before you finish them up? I am always wary about keeping food items like that in the kitchen, because the atmosphere in a kitchen is usually humid, and the food can therefore develop mould. My current technique is to dry the chillis in the airing-cupboard, though I wish I had a proper dehydrator. When they are fully dry I will make them into chilli flakes.

  2. Thank you for the tour around your garden ! Our Virginia Creeper is beginning to turn red now, so it feels quite autumnal here in the uk, even though the days are still as warm as summer. We have been so lucky throughout September, with beautiful weather.


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