Friday, 3 October 2014

Ornamental Grasses

Many people think that ornamental grasses are fairly undistinguished plants. It may be so but when the flower spikes or panicles appear it is quite a different story. I love them whatever time in the gardening season. They add interest because of their size and shape and serve as the support for their neighbours. 

Pennisetum alopecuroides, the fountain grass, is one of the grasses I got in my garden. It loves full sun and well drained soil and is quite undemanding. And it is flowering now when other plants started to turn yellow and fade. Here it is accompanied with Verbena bonariensis, another late bloomer.

I also have a big Miscanthus sinesis that has just started to form the panicles. Both of these look decorative in winter when snow covers the bushes. I cut the old growth in spring to preserve the crowns from cold and frost.

It must be warm around the compost heap - the cat just love to sit there!


  1. Those are beautiful grasses you have. I would like to have a whole bank of them. I love seeing how grasses sway in the wind.

    1. You can have them in pots as well. Try some.

  2. grasses on a windy day is like conductor orchestrating the most beautiful symphony.............

  3. I love grasses too, Vesna. Purple fountain grass is an annual here, so I add it to my window boxes and pots each spring. I have two beautiful stands of zebra grass which have just acquired their panicles. I agree they look great in the snow. P.x

  4. Such lovely photos of your wonderful garden !

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