Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sunny Autumn

 This was the yesterday morning temperature at 9.30. The weather improved finally and we are going to have at least ten nice and shiny days. The last four days were foggy in the morning, but the rain spared us and it was pretty warm during the day. 

 Somehow it seems that the garden revived after the long period of rain and lack of sunlight. Surely the autumn looks rather promising after the pretty rainy summer. I did not do much clearing in the flower beds because Asters and Anemones are still producing flowers as well as climbers like Black-eyed Susan. It reached the shed roof and has many bright yellow flowers on the top.
 I won't be doing much of the clearing anyway because I don't like the ground to be bare over winter. I rather do that in spring.

Verbena is one of my favourite plants to fill up the gaps in the mixed borders and it works wonderful with ornamental grasses. Verbena is a good self-seeder and I noticed a lot of seedlings growing around. The same is with Echinacea and Gaura. Never have to worry about new plants of these three.

As for the vegetable garden, it is slowly in decline. I cleared the beans and courgettes, as well as tomatoes. Winter crops, such as kale and Brussels sprouts, look rather well and are also very decorative. The winter lettuce and lamb's lettuce (or 'feldsalat' (field salad) as we mostly call it here) I sowed in early September did not germinated at all due to enormous amounts of rain combined with pretty low temperatures. I have been thinking of sowing it again. It overwinters very well under the snow or fleece cover.
And now, all bare vegetable beds will be covered with straw, the paths will be cleared from weeds and that is pretty much all until spring.
The grass is still growing so mowing the lawn is in order on Friday.


  1. Your kale looks really good. I'm not growing any Cavolo Nero this year. I have more Brussels Sprouts instead. Our weather is the opposite of yours. After a very warm, sunny September, we now have wind and cold rain.

  2. The flowers were just waiting for some warmth

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