Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What a Gift!

I buy organic eggs form the woman that lives a few streets away from my home just on the outskirts of my town. And, yesterday when she brought the eggs to me, she gave me a basketful of peppers and some hot chilli peppers too. She said this rainy weather was certainly very good for peppers as they grew big and tall. Some more sun would be nice but she is pleased with the crop as it is. What a wonderful gift!

The peppers are beautiful, the biggest one weight 300 g (10 ounces)! I roasted some in the oven for the salad. It is one of my favourite dishes. Roasted peppers need to be kept for a few minutes under cover. This way they become easy to peel. I always keep all the liquid that goes out of them. Then I make a mixture of apple vinegar, salt, chopped garlic and olive oil and pour over the peppers. 

The long chilli peppers ended up in a jar. I made some pickles - bring vinegar to boil with some salt and a few black pepper grains, pour hot brine over the peppers and immediately seal the jar.


  1. What a nice gift - and you have used it well! Such lovely peppers, a joy to behold!


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