Thursday, 6 November 2014

Caterpillars in November?

The tidying up the flower beds, as well as the vegetable garden, goes on slowly.  No need to rush when the days are so beautiful. It is too warm for November and many plants are still green. We haven't had frosty days yet except one morning and that was only in extremely moist part of the garden.
This kale witness how warm it is. It suffered the caterpillar attack. Caterpillars in November?? Oh, yes.

Funny, they were all over the kale 'Black Tuscany' but not on the 'Rossignol' or 'Scarlet'. There were two or three green caterpillars (the cabbage looper) among them but most of the caterpillars were yellow with black dots along the side. These are the caterpillars of  large white cabbage butterfly Pieris brassicae. This butterfly is likely to be seen in two generations, one in June - July and the second one in late August -September. What is curious, I haven't seen any until now.

I simply shook all of them into a bucket and crushed them all - sorry guys, I want some kale in the winter.
And, this little fellow carefully keeps the watch over me every time I work in the garden and now I know why. Yesterday afternoon, before I went into the house, I decided to rake the molehills on the lawn. There was a walnut buried in each mole hill! I certainly spoiled the squirrel some plans for the winter stock. But, it has buried acorns and hazelnuts in my vegetable garden (I left them be) and I am sure it will find another place for walnuts too. 


  1. Recently I have noticed Jays burying chestnuts and acorns in my garden. normally it is just squirrels who do this.

  2. We can really do without late caterpillars


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