Saturday, 8 November 2014

Warm Days Continue

It was cloudy in the morning but it was not raining and the temperature was just right for working in the garden. I harvested probably the last bunch of mangold and Swiss chard from my veg garden this year. Unless, the weather stays so warm and new shoots I sow on the plants would still have time to grow to the reasonable cooking size. I cooked it together with potatoes and season with olive oil. It was a nice side dish to the fried sea fish.

The flower beds are ready for winter. I still have some work in my vegetables garden. I have finished the half of the veg plot, doing tidying up, weeding and mulching the beds with straw. The cabbage family in the back side of the photo looks really poor after I have removed half of the leaves eaten by the caterpillars! But, they will recover. I noticed no caterpillars today. Besides, kale tastes better when touched by frost.

The foliage of my ornamental cherry 'Burgundy Glow' are red throughout the year but now they turned bright red and started to fall off.

Bergenia thinks it's Spring and has developed new flowers. Some roses are still blooming and I felt sorry to prune them. I left rose pruning for the last of the gardening work because the roses I have already pruned have new shoots! Please, go to sleep, roses!
As much as we love this warm weather, it is not good for the vegetation. Normally, in November, the temperatures are around 5°C, the leaves are all fallen off the trees, plants dormant, the grass doesn't grow anymore... The next ten days continue to be pretty warm (15 - 18 °C), how odd. I think I'll have to mow the lawn one more time this year.


  1. We had our first frost of the year this week, but in general our weather this Autumn has been much warmer than usual. Climate Change has made a lot of things much more difficult than they used to be!

  2. Looks like you have your garden ready for winter, Vesna, although you still have some beautiful blooms. We are expecting a big freeze starting tonight. I'm ready after a couple of days of really hard work. P.x


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