Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Show is Over

Cotoneaster horizontalis

The grand show is over. The garden is finally falling into the winter peace. Still, here and there some of the bushes attract the eyes like this bright red foliage of Cotoneaster before the frost make them fall off. Or, my beloved Dogwood shrub that exposes the red stems.  
This week the temperatures dropped to 2°C and stick to it. 

We had some frosty mornings too, but it is quite normal for November. I got a basketful of apples from my friend as well as a garland of dried figs, my favourite dry fruit. Though I have a spacious garden there is not much fruit trees planted in it. I'd like to plant some column-apples and pears in the middle of my vegetable beds. Because they grow straight up, they don't cast a big shadow onto a ground below them. Well, that is an idea to think over the winter.

Have you started a countdown to Christmas? I made a few wreaths of natural materials like twigs, lichens, birch bark and pine cones, but I gave them all away to my friends.
Never mind, I already have an idea what would my home look like this Christmas.


  1. I'm not sure that planting fruit trees in the vegetable beds would be a good idea. Their roots might make it difficult to dig the beds or to plant veggies.


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