Monday, 26 January 2015


The weekend was rainy, snowy, moist and cold, not at all a good time for outdoor activities whatever they may be. The lawn is soggy and quite soft and I avoid walking around. Still, I went down to the garden to check my Helleborus. This pink one is first to bloom.

Interesting, some of the clumps are barely out, the other are already in bloom and, they are all the same species on the same spot in the garden.

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Early Start

I really don't know where the Winter has gone. It is January and it is supposed to be the coldest month of the year. Instead, it is quite sunny outside and it is 14°C. I have just checked the weather forecast for the next week. It will be cloudy with some rain. The temperature stays at average 8°C.
It is no wonder we are all thinking about the next gardening season. I too started to buy seeds. I have purchased some lettuce, carrot, parsley and peas. Peas may be sown early and, I think I will do that in February. If the weather turns cold, I will cover it with horticultural fleece.

The fox became a regular visitor to my garden. It seems that my gazebo is the perfect place to lay down and bask. One day, I noticed the fox sleeping at the table! I have to be content with this pictures taken from my kitchen window. As soon as I come near, it runs away.

I have checked one of my compost heaps yesterday. I must say I am positively surprised by the look of it. Due to the mild weather, the little helpers are active all the time. I also have made the heap by the book, chopping the green and brown waste to small pieces and mixing it with the kitchen waste. I think it will be ready by Spring. 
I got the straw again, just enough to mulch all of my vegetable beds. The straw from the last season (which now covers the beds over winter) goes to compost.

The snowdrops are in full bloom now, at least these three bunches in the front of my house.  The other aren't even out yet.