Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Last of Kale and the First Slugs

I harvested the last of the kale yesterday. I noticed a wild rabbit in my garden the other day and thought it would be better to pick up the crowns before the rabbit gets them. The rabbit, as it turned to be, was the least of my worry. The kale looked pretty good at the top, but the lower foliage was completely eaten by slugs!

To my great surprise, during washing, a multitude of slugs fell into a sink! They were all pretty tiny. It just makes me think what it would be in Spring? Obviously, the winter was not cold enough to kill them. 


  1. I can guess what happened to the many slugs, I wonder if eggs had been deposited in the kale and these were the result

  2. Yuck! Looks like you got to the kale just in time.

  3. In winter, as we long for spring, we tend to forget the bad stuff like slugs. Ugh! P. x


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