Friday, 27 March 2015

Lamb's Lettuce

Valerianella locusta is a very popular plant in Croatia which green leaves are used to make the salads. We call it by its German name, Feldsalat. As the name indicates, it grows wild in the meadows and fields. I remember my grandmother picking it in Spring. I have no idea why, this plant gets a very high price on the market, almost insane! Yesterday I picked up the last of it in my vegetable garden. I use to scatter the seeds over one bed in Autumn and get plenty of green leaves in early Spring. 

I managed to sow the tree rows of carrot yesterday afternoon, just as I have planned it. In between the carrot rows, I planted the onion sets. I love to eat spring onion and always plant plenty of sets every year. Planting them every two weeks prolongs the cropping season. Of course, they can be grown from seeds as well, but sets come to yield quicker. The rain came in the evening and gave them a good portion of water - just what they needed. I did not sow parsley because the soil on this bed was not workable. It was too wet to break into a fine tilth. 

I made the two supports for my peonies today. Some of my tall cultivars tend to bend over under the weight of big double flowers they bear. Once the stems grow through, the support will be hidden under the green leaves. I needed six willow branches and a wire to make it. This is my first attempt to make something like that and I already have an idea how to improve it. I think I will make another one this weekend, but I need to collect some more material for this design. 


  1. Is the Valerianella locusta the same as what we call "Corn Salad" and the French call "Mache"? It looks as if the leaves are quite long and thin, whereas I associate Corn Salad with spoon-shaped leaves. Maybe it just depends on the variety. I love your Willow plant-support - very artistic as well as practical.

  2. It is the same, Mark. You have right, the shape depends on the variety.

  3. Your peony supports are wonderful, Vesna. I love them. P. x

  4. I'm loving your peony support as well - what a great idea! I have one of those store bought thingies that is only partially effective at keeping those blooms upright.


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