Friday, 20 March 2015

Sprouting Seeds

I sowed the first seeds indoors two weeks ago. My mini-glasshouses were all placed on the radiator and got some bottom heat to start up. I sowed two kinds of lettuce, purple kohlrabi, three sorts of kale and the tomato 'Tigerella'. 

Two days ago I noticed the tiny sprouts coming through and decided to place the pots and module trays outdoors. As some of you have already known, every spring I turn my grilling place into a cold frame. It proved to be an ideal place to arrange the trays and cover with a piece of transparent plastic foil. To my great surprise, the ziny seedlings responded rather well to this change of place.


No wonder, the more light they receive the better the germination and growth. 
The soil in the garden was pretty moist last week and thus not very much workable, but I manage to sow the peas. I also made a new vegetable bed where I plan to grow cucumbers this year. I only need to make the trellis or espalier. 

the new cucumber bed

Preparing this bed was not easy. Firstly, I dug up a few old jostaberry bushes. Secondly, I removed lots of ground elder roots and celandine bulbils. Literally, it was weeding inch by inch, a very laborious work. I have rather removed the soil infected with the celandine bulbils than risk having it spread again. Finally, I filled the bed with compost and weed free soil.
Tomorrow I will rest from digging and losing the soil. I will rake the lawn, remove the mole hills and cut the excess growth of some bushes too.


  1. The design of your central heating radiators is good! My radiators are thin and you could not balance seed-trays on them.

    1. What a pity! The bottom heat really does well to the seeds. They germinate quicker than usual. I am amazed how big they have grown after I put them out.

  2. I think it's time for us to start sowing"

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