Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The New Compost Bin

Some months ago I got the compost bin from our local council. 500 of these were given away for free to all the people that have a garden at home. It was quite easy to assemble it which I did this afternoon. The capacity of this compost bin is 350 litres. The bin has no bottom, of course, and the sides have tiny holes to let the air flow inside and out. The lid has wind-safe-twist-lock design. There is also a round device on the lid that serves to open or to close additional slots letting the air flow from above. It empties from the lower slide-up doors. I am quite content with it. I already have enough materials to fill it in. This will be a job for the weekend because the rain started some hours ago and is expected to last until Friday.

The seedlings are growing well in my nursery. I am really amazed how quickly they grow. The air temperature will rise up to 22°C in the following days, which is unusually warm for this period of the year. According to my moon calendar, tomorrow is a good day to sow carrot and parsley. Maybe it won't be raining all the time, and I will be able to it. The bed is already prepared.


  1. The compost bin all looks very smart you have very generous council.

  2. You don't often get anything that good without paying a lot of money! I hope it turns out to be robust and durable.

    1. Looks promising. I think I have enough of the material to fill it in completely.


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