Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Old New Birdbath Stand

Yesterday afternoon was too windy to work in the garden. Besides, it was raining overnight and the soil was too wet to do anything. But, I took a few hours to clear the mess under the terrace. That's where I discovered this old wood stove. I did not want to throw it away because I have a weakness for old things and love to find them another purpose. I thought I could use as a stand for the birdbath. It has four 30 cm long legs which I pushed into the ground.
Later on, when the plants around would be fully grown up, it will be half-covered with green foliage. I just love it being so rusty, but wonder how long it would last so exposed to the weather conditions.


  1. Isn't that what they call "Shabby Chic"?

  2. That has made a really interesting bird bath so unusual.


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