Saturday, 25 April 2015

Work, Work, Work

These days were rather hectic in the garden. Everything grows up like crazy, including weeds of course. I had lots written down on my 'to do' list: prepare the vegetable beds, weed, mow the lawn, dig and weed the flower beds and sow the seeds of flowers and vegetables.

It has been rather warm these past three days, which made this hard work even harder. But, I am glad I managed to finish it all. Today was the day for sowing the parsnip, mangold, French beans and courgettes. The peas are already out. Though this pea is not of the climbing type, I put some branches to support the stems. 

The red currant looks promising this year. It has many flowers. I expect lots of fruits, of course. Last year, the yield was not so good due to lots of rain and lack of sunny days. I spread some fertiliser under the bushes in February. Now I can add some well-rotted manure and mulch with straw to keep the ground moist.

  We expect some rain on the weekend. It is certainly most welcome. And I will take some rest!


  1. A gardener's work is never done is it? We could do with some rain too. It has been very dry this Spring.

  2. Hello Vesna!

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