Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Rest

We had some rain over the weekend which was good for the garden. I have done all the gardening jobs for the week and am enjoying some rest on Sunday. 
The twig supports for peonies I made a few weeks ago are functioning very well. The stems are growing through and are slowly covering the frame. Some of them are almost completely invisible.

These are the very first flowers of Clematis montana I planted last year. It reached about 1,8 m in height and spread about 60 cm. I hope it will cover the terrace fence eventually. This type of Clematis needs no pruning, only tidying up when too entangled and messy.

The red currant sets the first fruits. I have noticed blisters on some leaves which are caused by red currant blister aphid. Some leaves turn red too. These aphids don't seem to have any effect on plant growth or cropping ability but do look unsightly. So far, there is only a few diseased leaves on each bush and I will simply cut them off. 

Saxifraga in my rock garden.

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