Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I have finished the trellis today and mounted them in the cucumber bed. For a long time, I wanted to make the trellis of hazel twigs. This year I finally collected enough twigs and poles to make one. I don't mind the twigs being not ideally straight. I love the natural, handcrafted look in the garden. 
 I pre-sowed the cucumbers in the posts some three weeks ago and transplanted them into the vegetable garden. I put the straw mulch around them hoping it will prevent slugs crawling to the seedlings. I spread some slug pellets around as well. 

When the sun warms up the ground, it doesn't take long for the seeds to germinate. These are climbing beans. One of them is 'Marvel of Venice'. The names of the other cultivars are unknown to me because I got the seeds from my friends. And they have no idea which they are.

'Hokkaido' pumpkins

The gourds, pumpkins, and squashes germinated very well this year. I planted them into beds but, I have no place for all of them. I will give a few pots to my neighbor. 

The swiss chard needs thinning out. 


  1. I like your "rustic" trellis. More environmentally-friendly than bamboo. How is it fixed together?

  2. I love the Trellis.. my son recent cut some branches back for me a make a small fences around my fairy garden with the sticks.. Lovely..Happy Sunday with love Janice


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