Monday, 8 June 2015

Harvesting Peas

I harvested the peas today. Not so long ago the pods were still empty. There were some flowers on the stems as well. And today it was ready to pick up. No wonder, the weather is very warm and we had a few good rain showers last week.

It is a well-known cultivar called 'American Wonder'. The peas were big and healthy and I haven't found a single damaged pea. The total yield from the 2.3 x 1 m bed was 2.2 kg. 

I am going to transplant kale on the bed where the pea was. In crop rotation, it is almost ideal to plant the kale after the peas as their roots host the nitrogen fixating bacteria and fertilize the soil the natural way. And the cabbage family is very hungry!


  1. Nice harvest! I love fresh peas, but I cannot afford the space to grow enough of them to make it worthwhile. Don't you just love eating peas like this raw?


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