Monday, 15 June 2015

What a Disappointment!

 I haven't checked my Japanese persimmon tree for quite a while. The foliage is lush and healthy and it grows up well.  The last time I photographed the fruit there was nothing wrong with them. But today, to my great surprise and disappointment, I have noticed a few fruits laying down on the ground.

This looks like Botrytis (a fungus) to me. And, this is what I found on the Internet when doing a research on the matter.

Fruit Drop

  • Occasionally, persimmons will drop excessive portions of their crop before the fruits fully ripen. It's called fruit drop and is believed to be physiological. Some of the root causes include overgrown shoots, inadequate sunlight, improperly pollinated blossoms, and excessive watering or fertilizing. Trees suffering from fruit drop may improve after the problem branches are girdled and eventually cut off.

Well, the excessive portion of the fruit is not the cause of the fruit drop, I am sure. This is the very first crop of the Japanese Persimmon I have and there were only 14 fruits on the tree altogether. I only hope that the nine fruits that remained will live up to be harvested.


  1. I empathise with this! My Pear tree has done the same - it now has the grand total of 5 fruits left. In my case, I think the cause is excessively dry / poor soil, even though I have tried very hard to keep the tree well-watered.

  2. Anyone that has ever grown a fruit tree will empathize with you. All of the fruit on my plum and cherry trees is still green at this stage and each time I go out to take a look at them, my first instinct is to check the ground to see if the fruit is falling off. Fingers crossed that the rest of your persimmons stay put and ripen for you.

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