Thursday, 16 July 2015

Harvesting Vegetables

The cucumber vines are full of flowers. I have to check them up regularly because they grow big and turn yellow in no time. My favourite cucumber dish is 'tzatziki', a Greek sauce usually served with grilled meat. It is easy to make and perfect for hot summer days. You need cucumbers, plain yogurt, some salt and pepper, a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice and if you like it, dill and garlic. 

I picked this nice vegetable early in the morning. There is something to pick almost every day. The 'Hokkaido' squashes will be soon ready for harvesting too and I am looking forward to it. I read that this one can be cooked in an oven and that's how I love to eat it. It is also good for making soups so, I have to look up for some recipes.

Tomatoes look healthy and soon will be ready for harvesting. They germinated all over the vegetable garden. It only confirms how mild the winter was. 

To finish this post, I will show you how I found one of the containers with seasonal flowers. The plants completely trashed and there is a pretty big hole in the middle. I wonder who or what did this?!


  1. My guess for your container digger is raccoons. They have to put their filthy little hands in every thing. One year they dug up my pots every night for about two weeks.

  2. The damage to the plants in that container looks just like what happens in my garden. I blame foxes (of which we have many), or possibly badgers. I have never seen a badger in my garden (they are nocturnal), but I know they are about.


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