Monday, 3 August 2015

End of Heat?

After two weeks of heat, the temperatures dropped. I was not working much in the garden because it was too hot. We had some rain overnight, but it is not nearly enough for thirsty plants. I need to water my garden frequently. Thanks to dense planting, the flower borders look pretty good.
It is time to clear some vegetable beds, e.g. the one where the French beans are. The heat got them, and they certainly won't be flowering again.

The lawn looks like a patchwork having some completely dry and green pieces, depending whether they are in a full sun or in the shade. I never water the lawn, it is a waste of water. And, I am not an 'immaculate lawn-freak'. It is almost impossible here in this climate anyway. It would require too much care.

I am harvesting courgettes, cucumbers and kohlrabi on the regular basis. It is the last of the lettuce in this display above. It is time to sow endive and radicchio, but the one I sowed directly in the vegetable beds are all gone. They are most certainly eaten by slugs. I sowed them yesterday into modules, for safety.

To end this post, I am showing you the stump attacked by a woodpecker. Well, that is the second time this year, but who can blame him? He only wants the food hidden somewhere inside the wood.
The hottest month in a year passed and, I hope, the unbearable heat is over.


  1. We have not had this problem! Our Summer has been very below average in terms of sunshine and warmth. But we have also had very little rain. I am glad to hear you don't water your lawn. Lots of people should follow your example. Too much water is wasted on keeping lawns looking green. I think the water would be better used to help raise vegetables.

    1. Thank you, Mark. I am glad you agree on water preservation.

  2. As Mark wrote, no heat problem here - just the opposite -although it has been very dry. Like you we only water what we need to which doesn't include the lawn.


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