Monday, 17 August 2015

Some Rain, Please

The scorched grass and Magnolia shedding the leaves.

People take many things for granted, like rain, for example. But, the things are quite different. Even when the weatherman says it is going to rain tomorrow, it doesn't mean it will. So, I have been watching the cloudy skies ever since Friday night, but not a single drop fell until this very moment. It has just started to fall. I have never thought I would be so happy. Yesterday was the natural disaster declared because of the drought for my county. There will be significant damages in agriculture. Yes, the irrigation systems help but, one has to let water in. But, where is the water when we haven't seen the proper rain for months? Oddly enough, only this part of Croatia suffers such a dry weather. In my opinion, whoever denies the climate changes has wrong.
I hope the rain will fall long enough to water the garden properly.

I water my vegetable garden every other day. It keeps rather well all things considering. I harvest tomatoes every day. I cannot eat them all so, I am going to collect some more and cook tomato salsa for winter. Those big boys above weight about 700 g (20 oz) each.

As you can see, slugs don't mind the hot and dry weather. They ate this Hosta almost overnight. They prefer this one with tender leaves, Hosta plantaginea. The other Hostas in my garden looks well.

The Hibiscus I got last year is flowering for the first time. The flowers are really big - 20 cm!

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  1. We had enough rain yesterday to keep us inside but not enough for the plants


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