Friday, 23 October 2015

History repeats

Remember the last year when I wrote about the cabbage butterfly caterpillars in October? Well, the history repeats. I found them in my garden again. In October. They are all over the kale and pak choi.
I only cannot explain why they don't appear during the spring and summer, but now when is supposed to be too late for them. I know, the daily temperatures are still around 14°C, but still.

This was the very first frosty morning this autumn. It was not much frost on the ground, just covered the roof of the garden shed.
And, some roses are still in bloom. I feel sorry to prune them for the winter. This one is called 'Acropolis'.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn Days

So far, the days have been warm with regular exchange of sun and rain. No wonder the flowers on my terrace still look so good. However, I started to move in the pots with the plants that cannot overwinter outside, the lemon, kumquat and oleanders.

I move in this trailing rosemary too. It has grown up a lot this summer and I just want it to stay alive. I mean, every rosemary bush I have planted out in the garden froze. I need to find the right variety of rosemary for the continental climate and find a good spot in the garden to plant it. I saw rosemary in other people's garden here, but they all have a sheltered position.

My walnut tree has quite a lot walnuts this year. I collected eight such bags so far and that is not all. I guess that is one of the most tedious jobs in autumn. Not to mention collecting the fallen leaves!
I had a little helper the other day, a squirrel from the park. Did not manage to take a picture of it, so clever in hiding on the other side of the tree trunk.

Asters are still in bloom, as well as the tall Sedums. This week is supposed to be warm and dry, so I am going to use the nice days to tidy up all the vegetable and flower beds. At least one lawn mowing is still in order and the garden will be ready for the winter.