Friday, 23 October 2015

History repeats

Remember the last year when I wrote about the cabbage butterfly caterpillars in October? Well, the history repeats. I found them in my garden again. In October. They are all over the kale and pak choi.
I only cannot explain why they don't appear during the spring and summer, but now when is supposed to be too late for them. I know, the daily temperatures are still around 14°C, but still.

This was the very first frosty morning this autumn. It was not much frost on the ground, just covered the roof of the garden shed.
And, some roses are still in bloom. I feel sorry to prune them for the winter. This one is called 'Acropolis'.


  1. Maybe you have discovered a new breed of butterfly -"Pieris Brassicaceae Autumnalis"!

  2. Replies
    1. Usually not, but I might consider it now. They appeared only last year, not before.

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