Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Summer Returns?

We have such a beautiful autumn weather here in Croatia. September and November were not so warm for more than fifty years. It was 20°C today. I finished clearing the flower beds last weekend and collected all the fallen leaves. But, I have to mow the lawn again. Never mind. That is the only thing I have to do before the winter.

Japanese anemone seed heads

I felt almost sorry to cut down some of the flowers because it still looked good. Japanese anemones bear seeds. I never tried to grow them from seed probably because they spread themselves well by roots. The Japanese anemone may be pretty invasive and persistent. I need to keep it under control.

See how warm it is?  The Japanese Quince, Chaenomeles, is blooming again this year.

The two survivors out of seventeen. Soon, I will pick them up. I hope the next year will be better.

Mr. Squirrel keeps coming to my walnut tree. So hard to catch it with the eye of my camera.


  1. I didn't know that the seed-heads of Japanese Anemone went like that. I cut mine down before they reach that stage. They look like cotton bolls!

  2. Like Mark I have never noticed seedheads on my Japanese anemones. Unlike Mark I don't cut off the flowers off so I will keep a look out for them this year. Is that a grey squirrel?

    1. No, it is common squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), sometimes is more red than brown with white stripe underneath.

    2. I didn't think you would have greys in your part of the world but it didn't really look like a red squirrel. The red squirrels are far from common here as although they are native to the UK, the greys imported from the USA are outcompeting them.


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