Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It was -10°C in the morning. I know that the plants will survive the frost (there is no snow anymore), but it is always so hard to look at them in this state. 
Last Sunday I spent some time planning the vegetable garden and browsing through my seed collection. I tend to plant pretty much the same kind of vegetables, I only have to pay attention to the crop rotation. 
I found some tips for bed preparation for parsley. Work some calcium into the soil four weeks prior to sowing. On the very day of sowing, pour hot horsetail (Equisetum arvense) decoction over it and sow the seeds. Fertilize the bed as usual.
My further search came to this Equisetum 508. I am going to make that for sure. 

It seems that the cold doesn't bother my snowdrops.


  1. Horsetail decoction?? The virtually-indestructible Horsetail is hated by all allotment-holders, so it is interesting to hear that it can be used for something positive!

  2. Maybe our snowdrops need it to be colder as yours are ahead of ours.


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