Friday, 8 January 2016


The new year started with a pretty heavy snowfall. It seemed as we went to sleep in 'spring' and woke up in a proper winter. It was only 20 cm of snow this time, and it was not very cold at all. The next day was even warmer and the snow turned into rain. On Tuesday, the cold air from the North made ice cover on the trees and shrubs. 

The additional 40 cm (!) of snow fell overnight on Wednesday. I was clearing the snow from the balconies, a terrace and entrance for an hour and a half, also helping my neighbour to clear the driveway. He left the shovel somewhere in the yard and couldn't find it under the snow!

The ice combined with snow was a very heavy load to the small trees and shrubs so I had to go around the garden to shake it off as much as I could. The snow was up to my knees. 
The crowns of some shrubs and conifers fall apart, some branches even snapped, but what can I do? It is nature. I guess, there will be lots of pruning in Spring.


  1. I hope that you have not had too much damage in your garden.

  2. Brrr I hope that you are keeping warm.


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