Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Out in the Garden

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out of the clouds, and I went out in the garden. The rain has been drizzling for three days and I couldn't really do any gardening job. Contrary to my expectations, the soil in the vegetable garden wasn't so wet. All the beds in the vegetable garden were covered with the cardboard in autumn. It certainly prevented the soil to be soaked. I sowed the peas and dug up the parsnip that I left out over the winter. The roots are quite good. Just take a look how green were the leaves.

The lamb's lettuce sown in autumn is ready to pick up. I have no idea why, but this lettuce has surprisingly high price on the market.

Ramsons or wild garlic (here in Croatia, we call it bear garlic) is one of my favourites wild spring plants. I have it under the hazel bush. It could be eaten fresh or quickly blanched in olive oil just like the spinach. My favourite wild garlic dish is a thick soup with some creame fraiche.

HERE is one of the recipes for the soup. 


  1. I wish I had some parsnips to dig up! I have just sown the seeds for next Winter's crop.

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