Tuesday, 26 April 2016


  I took all these photos at 5.30 this morning. It was -2°C and the pretty severe frost covered all the garden. The water froze in the birdbath.

Many plants were covered in ice and looked droopy. I knew that most of them would recover, but I am not sure about Japanese Persimmon. It still looks droopy. I'm afraid I lost this year's crop for good.

I am devastated, really.

The peonies recovered, thank God.

Hosta this morning, doesn't look much better now.

Such late April frost is not uncommon in the continental climate. That's why I never rush to planting sensitive species of vegetables, such as courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes, before the 1st of May.
As they announced the cold night on TV yesterday, I went to cover them with flies. 

Early cabbage, kohlrabi and celeriac look undamaged.

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  1. We had a frost here today, but only just under 0C. Luckily I have room to bring indoors my tender plants like tomatoes. I think the only plant that has suffered damage is a Clematis, but that will probably recover.


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