Wednesday, 20 April 2016

After the Rain 2

It was raining yesterday. The ground was not so wet as I expected and I went out to plant the courgettes and cucumbers in the vegetable garden. I hope this will prevent the slugs to crawl to my plants. I must say, I haven't found any slug in the garden yet! Only a few under the compost cover where I can easily cut them into halves with a knife. Sorry.

15 slimy now ex-slugs!

I hope it is not too early for the climbing bean. The temperature dropped to 6°C in the morning.

The lemon balm will soon be ready to cut. I love to put it into the summer drinks with lemon and mint. I am going to dry some for the winter.

The Swiss chard sprouted nicely.


  1. I have removed the Lemon Balm from my garden now (or tried to). I found that I never used it, and although it looks nice for a short while, it soon goes straggly.

    1. I cut it before flowering and dry for tea. The second growth is not so strong and it looks better.

  2. Your vegetable patch looks very neat and tidy. It would definitely be too early for climbing beans here.


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