Tuesday, 31 May 2016


As they reached their peak,  there is a little time left to enjoy them.

Friday, 27 May 2016

The New Roses

'Gertrude Jekyll'

The new roses planted last Autumn are all well. They are still small but have a lot of buds. I love English roses. They have bushy growth and large flowers. The most of them have the beautiful scent as well. Some of the new roses are pink 'Gertrude Jekyll' and 'Chapeau de Napoleon'.

'Chapeau de Napoleon' has a very interesting crested calyx.

The older climber 'Schwannensee'.

'Don Juan'

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Peonies Time

Monday, 16 May 2016

Planting Leeks

Finally, we have some sun today. I went to my vegetable garden to plant the leeks. I bought the seedlings on the market last Thursday. The stems could be thicker, but they have got strong roots. I planted it the usual way, into deep holes. I only pour water over to settle the ground around them. The deep planting is necessary to get the long white stems we want. When they get thicker, the soil may be mounded around them to hide them from the sun.

Celeriac grows fast. I only hope I didn't plant it too deep to get big round knobs.

The climbing beans are out, but not the dwarf French beans. I have to sow them again. I put the straw mulch around them to keep the moisture in the soil. We had almost a week time of rain and everything is well watered. It is the ideal time to mulch the vegetable beds.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rainy Days

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. It was pouring with rain. I collected another barrel of rainwater draining down the spout. I use rainwater for making the nettle and comfrey fertilisers. I have just finished mowing the lawn. No rain today, but it will be raining again the next day.

Most of the roses are just forming the buds, but those that advanced got damaged by constant rain. 

Apart from that, the foliage is in the perfect condition. So far, I haven't noticed any diseases or pests on the roses.

This lupin is the latest acquisition for my garden. I am looking forward to the seeds. 

The Swiss chard needs to be thinned out, but I will wait until they get bigger and stronger. The coldness stopped the growth of the vegetables. The climbing beans finally appeared, but the dwarf beans haven't. Maybe I'll have to sow them again.

I'll put the straw mulch around them.

Friday, 6 May 2016


Yesterday, we had all sorts of weather conditions except the snow in about twelve hours. Firstly, the fog in the morning followed by a drizzling rain. Then, the clouds broke and the sun shined for awhile. In the late afternoon suddenly came the strong wind and new clouds that brought the hail. After fifteen minutes, the hail storm sized and it turned into rain. As the clouds broke and the sun came out again, a nice rainbow appeared in the sky.

I could not do much in the garden today because the soil was too wet for digging. I did mow the lawn, though. There will be more rain in the following week and the grass grows like crazy.

Tomatoes are ready for planting into the vegetable garden. 

Tagetes seedlings

Campanula seedlings

All is green.


Well, I really need to accept that the frost damage is beyond repair. I admit, I find it very hard to do, especially when the Japanese persimmon is concerned. It turned brown today and there is no other way to help it but to prune back to the hardwood twigs and branches. 

All the new growth is scorched.