Friday, 6 May 2016


Yesterday, we had all sorts of weather conditions except the snow in about twelve hours. Firstly, the fog in the morning followed by a drizzling rain. Then, the clouds broke and the sun shined for awhile. In the late afternoon suddenly came the strong wind and new clouds that brought the hail. After fifteen minutes, the hail storm sized and it turned into rain. As the clouds broke and the sun came out again, a nice rainbow appeared in the sky.

I could not do much in the garden today because the soil was too wet for digging. I did mow the lawn, though. There will be more rain in the following week and the grass grows like crazy.

Tomatoes are ready for planting into the vegetable garden. 

Tagetes seedlings

Campanula seedlings

All is green.


  1. You are certainly having some extreme weather conditions this year! Being a gardener is not easy sometimes... I'm so glad I don't have any grass to cut!

  2. It's suddenly jumped into summer here. Too hot to do much today.


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