Monday, 16 May 2016

Planting Leeks

Finally, we have some sun today. I went to my vegetable garden to plant the leeks. I bought the seedlings on the market last Thursday. The stems could be thicker, but they have got strong roots. I planted it the usual way, into deep holes. I only pour water over to settle the ground around them. The deep planting is necessary to get the long white stems we want. When they get thicker, the soil may be mounded around them to hide them from the sun.

Celeriac grows fast. I only hope I didn't plant it too deep to get big round knobs.

The climbing beans are out, but not the dwarf French beans. I have to sow them again. I put the straw mulch around them to keep the moisture in the soil. We had almost a week time of rain and everything is well watered. It is the ideal time to mulch the vegetable beds.


  1. Your leeks look great!
    I'm jealous of your beans. Mine are still sulking in the cold and wet.

  2. Those Leeks are at least twice as thick as my self-sown ones! Good luck with the Celeriac. It's one veg that I have never managed to grow well.


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