Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rainy Days

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. It was pouring with rain. I collected another barrel of rainwater draining down the spout. I use rainwater for making the nettle and comfrey fertilisers. I have just finished mowing the lawn. No rain today, but it will be raining again the next day.

Most of the roses are just forming the buds, but those that advanced got damaged by constant rain. 

Apart from that, the foliage is in the perfect condition. So far, I haven't noticed any diseases or pests on the roses.

This lupin is the latest acquisition for my garden. I am looking forward to the seeds. 

The Swiss chard needs to be thinned out, but I will wait until they get bigger and stronger. The coldness stopped the growth of the vegetables. The climbing beans finally appeared, but the dwarf beans haven't. Maybe I'll have to sow them again.

I'll put the straw mulch around them.


  1. Gosh, you have suffered a lot because of the weather this year! What a shame about those beautiful flowers being damaged by the rain.

  2. Yes, the roses are in a poor state. I hope the rain will stop soon.


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